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Our clients are extremely happy with the service Paul provides. Read  on                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It Went really well. The guy was extremely informative and nice. He showed up on time and pointed out things we didn’t even know about the house. December 2013

Paul was recommended by a realtor when we made an offer on some rural property.  As a home DIY type I am familiar with many of the problems a typical home will have.  Paul brought his expertise relevant to local building practices and rural homes.  He had no problems with a walk around as he was doing his inspection.  His analysis of some standing water problems and subsequent findings of lack of maintenance led us to decline the property.  I again used him on another property, he showed up early and thoroughly explained his findings.  I highly recommend him. August 2013

Paul arrived on time and ready to go.  He performed a very detailed home inspection and told us of items needing repair before we buy this home.  The inspection was very, very thorough and the report included pictures of the home showing where the problem areas are.  Paul is extremely knowledgeable and able to explain issues in plain English.  He is also personable and fun to talk with as he explains what he’s doing and what it means to the overall value of the house. July 2013

Paul did an outstanding work! It took him 3 hours, but he did a thorough inspection on our brand new house. He took the time to show us his findings, and why they needed to be fixed. Needless to say that we also received a thorough report…and within 24 hrs! I showed the report to some of my friends who have had several house inspections before, and they were impressed with the quality of Paul’s work. April  2013

 He came and checked the house from top to bottom.   He explained to me what he was checking and he told me where there were problems.  He told me what needed to be done and why.   I am very happy with the job he did. Jan 2013

Inspector was punctual, professonal, and very thorough.  His work resulted in a credit at purchase for $4800 so well worth the price. Jan 2013

Independent inspection of condo for unusual mold development on external ceiling. I needed an independent inspector to represent my interests while my condo was being inspected for external water intrusion. Paul was able to schedule a visit the day after I called, which was great because I am out-of-state (found Oregon West on Angie’s List) and the property management company wanted the same contractor who had just redone the building external envelope to do the inspection. 
Paul was extremely responsive (I called him late the day before I needed the inspection).  He was able to get me a report via email the following day.  He also weighed in promptly later when I asked for advice after receiving a slightly different report from the contractor. 
It is nerve-wracking to hire an inspector long-distance.  I will definitely call Oregon West again if I am in need of home inspection services.  Jan 2013

Paul performed a home inspection on a 2-level condo we are purchasing. He spent two hours (on a Sunday!) going through the condo, testing all the utilities, and looking for any problems or potential problems. He shared many tips with us for correcting minor problems, and how to avoid some problems in the future. He got us a written report within 24 hours. All in all, a great experience. 3/24/12

 We were very happy with the whole experience. Paul is very knowledgeable and experienced, and was happy to share many, many tips with us (as we are first time home buyers). The report was very thorough and the turn around time was very quick. Paul was easy to contact before and after the service was done for us, and made sure we felt comfortable calling him with any questions we might have in the future. We definitely recommend him. 3/14/12

We are buying a short-sale home and needed a home inspection to make a final determination about making the purchase and also to help us understand all of the work that would be needed in the house.  We had to travel across the country to be there for the inspection and Paul made himself available on the specific date that we needed, with very short notice.  Paul completed a detailed inspection of the home, briefed us on key findings as he went along and got a full report to us less than 24  hours after the inspection. Importantly for us in this situation, Paul shared with us the good things about the house as well as the things that really need work.  We also had contractors in the house during the inspection and Paul was very helpful in adding his opinion to the conversation about what had to be done, what was a nice to do, and what didn’t need to be done.  In some cases he had different opinions vs. the contractors and was very direct and professional in sharing those as a part of the discussions.  We were so happy with Paul’s approach that we hope to engage him to help with interim inspections as we go through the renovation process.  I have bought six different homes in six different states prior to this home and have worked with home inspectors in all cases.  Paul stands out as clearly superior to several of these other inspectors, and as one of the very best I have ever worked with. 1/11/12

Paul was excellent.  He was extremely thorough and he’s been doing this for a very long time.  His input was merely a list of items that were wrong with the house, but also which of those were items we should really be concerned about and which would take us 5 minutes to fix ourselves. He arrived on time and spent approx. 4 hours going over the house.  Our inspection report was very thorough and before we left he highlighted the things we should start looking into. Many thanks to Paul – I highly recommend his company. 10/11/12

Before starting a renovation, I wanted an inspection on my home to see if there were any problems I needed to address before starting the work.   Paul interviewed me to find out what concerns I had regarding the house and what I needed from the report.  He quoted me $500, but after finding out what I wanted, he decide to charge me $100 less. I found the inspection thorough and very informative.  Paul was very helpful with all the questions I had.  Being a single woman, I appreciated his advice.  He promptly sent me his report which enabled me to get on with my project. 10/12/12

 I contacted Oregon West based on their ratings in Angie’s list. I was able to get an appointment quickly. Paul actually arrived early. He was professional and thorough with the inspection. And answered all my questions. I would recomment Oregon West. 08/22/11

Paul came on time, and did a very thorough inspection on our beach house. He took pictures of areas that needed repair so we could bring to our seller agent. He also suggested solutions. In his report, he tells us what to do in order to maintain our house best. He also educated us on the differences in maintaining a home by the coast and in-land. He was responsive when the sellers did not know what or how to do the repairs and needed his assistance and suggestions. He had to talk directly to our selling agent. I am aware that Paul is sensitive to the fact that sellers may want to save money on repairs.As a buyer, I had to listen for “the best” repair option, and not the cheapest or quickest, I needed to take a more proactive role.  When he found mold in the attic caused by bad routing of bathroom vent, he suggested that we vent the attic and the house beyond what was required of theOregonlaw; as we are situated by the coast and the humidity level is higher. It was a very good overall experience. We will use Paul again! And we will recommmend him to any of our friends. 08/07/12

 Paul was extremely thorough in his inspection. He checked the crawlspace, the roof, the appliances, the windows, etc… It’s difficult to remember all of what he checked because he was so thorough, and I guess that’s what we paid him for. Aside from the actual job performed he was very personable and talkative. Much of the conversation was about how to take care of the home, and how do to certain around the home items. We had a old water spot on the ceiling, and he didn’t try to give us a bogus answer. He searched for the source, took readings, and gave us several possible scenarios. He then checked each scenario until he could give us a satisfactory answer. He then offered follow assistance when we needed. Overall, it was a good experience and I feel very confident in Paul’s extremely qualified assessment. Thank you. 07/13/12

Paul Frey appeared a few minutes early and we discussed my needs and what he looked for. After some general chatting, he set about his work. He kept me updated with what he was looking at and pointed out items of interest and things that needed attention as he worked. Then I left him alone to do the rest of his job. When he finished he went over in detail his findings, telling me that the full report would be emailed to me later in the day. He told me about certain kinds of contract work, what to look for, questions to ask and what kind of contractors to contact for the various needs. He told me information about wiring and construction I had never known before. (This is my first house.) He covered his fee right off the top when he told me that the needed electrical junction between the pole and the meter was PGE’s problem, not mine, thus saving me over $500 right there. I also learned what kind of work was perfectly fine for do-it-yourselfers and which should be left for pros. When the report arrived I was overwhelmed by the detailed information within. While I doubt I will never need inspection service again, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else.  

I made an appointment with Oregon West Inspections based on feedback on Angie’s List on Friday 3/25/2011 afternoon around 3 PM to inspect a home I was interested in purchasing. Appointment was initially made for Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 09:30 AM and later was changed to Monday 09:30 AM per my request. Paul (the inspector) arrived on time at the property and performed his inspection. He inspected the entire house including attic, sub-floor and walked the entire property testing electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. Later that night, I received a very detailed report in my e-mail documenting all issues found in plain language. Report included photographs illustrating key issues identified along with Paul’s recommendation on how to address issues found. Overall I am very satisfied with the service provided as now I have a very good understanding of what needs to fixed in this property. Thank you Paul! 3/29/12 

We had Paul come and inspect a home that we are under contract for. We are in our ten day window to get all inspections done and be sure that there is/was nothing that would be considered a deal breaker. Lisa was wonderful to deal with and got us on the schedule very quickly. Paul was very thorough. Was at our home to be for 2 hours and checked everything off the list and his report was quite thorough. I am glad that we found him on this list and will highly recommend him to another user without hesitation. 3/08/11

From start to finish, Oregon West is top-notch. Paul’s wife, Lisa, handles setting up the appointments. I have to pay special note to her because over the last several months, I’ve put offers on a few houses and stayed in contact with Lisa so that I could book Paul asap. I previously lost in the bidding process and Lisa was very understanding and actually made me feel better about the stressful process. Once I received a fully signed offer on the current house last Wednesday, I contacted Paul immediately and he accommodated the Labor Day weekend schedule by agreeing to come out the next morning! He and Susan were really wonderful by explaining everything during the entire process. I noticed that somebody previously said Paul is talkative. Personally, this is exactly what I want out of a home inspector. Someone who understands the problems, breaks them down for you, and suggests the professional (eg, plumber/electrician) you can contact to get the problems fixed…and if they can throw some humorous stories in along the way, that’s even better. In fact, I believe Paul went out of his way by explaining the various ways I can maintain the home once I move in. I previously used Paul’s services when I purchase a home inForestHeightsseveral years ago and he offered a very similar experience back then. I originally found Paul because he is a member of ASHI, and I read this was an important designation when looking for a home inspector. Bottom line—Paul ROCKS!  09/11/10

 We were in a hurry to get the inspection done since we were attempting to close in under 30 days. I called Paul on Monday and he was able to do the inspection first thing on Wednesday. He was on time and finished when he said he would. He took the time to explan the remarkable issues in the short report. Later that day I was emailed a complete report. 08/29/10

Great!!! Paul came, did a thorough inspection, and emailed us a 49 page report with details, pictures, etc. I highly recommend him. His wife, Lisa, handled the ‘paperwork’ (over the net) in a very professional manner. These folks are first rate!!!!! 08/04/10

I was interested in a general inspection of my home for maintenance purposes. Paul was very knowledgeable and friendly, and provided some helpful suggestions, in addition to alerting me of a somewhat hazardous situation (electric, fire safety) brewing in my garage. The report was very prompt and thorough. 04/03/10

I had called Oregon West Inspections to have some moisture issues reviewed by a professional so this wasn’t a full inspection (thus the cheaper price). Nonetheless, Paul Frey was extremely helpful and informative in addressing all of the questions that I threw at him. He not only helped to describe what was causing the moisture but provided several solutions that will be relatively easy and affordable for me to implement.  Thanks to Paul, I can rest much easier at night now that I understand exactly what has been going on under my home and what I can do about it going forward. Paul was very friendly without being “windy”. Should I decide to sell this house, I would definitely use Paul again. What I especially appreciated was that he was willing to take the time with me, and he didn’t make me feel rushed as other tradespeople have in the past when performing services at my home. Because it wasn’t a full inspection, he was nice enough to work with me on the fee that he charged. Thanks again, Paul! 12/02/09 

Great experience with Paul Frey, who inspected a home my nephew was purchasing. He was able to conduct the inspection on short notice, provided a detailed, useful report, and quickly answered all questions about the report.  04/09 

I called Paul Frey on a Sunday night around 9 pm to schedule an inspection. To my surprize, his wife answered the phone and took down all the information on the house and when the inspection needed to be done. Two days latter, I met Paul at the house to conduct the inspection. He identified all the bad and the good of the house within a written report on his laptop. You could read his summary as he advanced thru the house. He also did a great job of making a prioritized list of repairs before renting the house. The inspection included electrical ,back deck, plumbing, roof and foundation. I paid the bill on the day of service. The final report was e-mailed to me the next day. I used Paul list to start organizing repairs on the property.  03/09

It has been a long time since I last required an inspection.  Paul the report is excellent, undestood and clearly presented with evidence.  I do not envision a professional builder challenging your report or evidence.  10/09

EVERY SINGLE one said you were the “best” of the best!  Thank you for such an awesome job and for taking the time to educate our new home buyers.  I am getting ready to request presenter for 2010.  You are on the top of the list… From NAYA Coordinator commenting on Pauls student evaluations after one of his teaching sessions he regularily volunteers for.  09/09

Full home inspection prior to a remodel- I have a 2 foot crawl space and Paul examined the whole place in detail with pictures- our remodel project has now become a demolition and rebuild project once we knew the damage under the house- thanks to Mr. Termite. I got more than my money’s worth. 05/09

Paul’s work was thorough, friendly & prompt. I especially appreciated that he answered my phone call and e-mail when I needed further information for the bank loan. 04/09

Inspection of a water damage on a partly opened wall. Paul did nore than others, really investigated and poked around until he found the root cause.  10/08

They were prompt and extremely knowledgeable. Paul has been in the business so long that not only did he know a lot about homes, but also knew a lot of people in the business and could refer us to several other people. 05/08

He was very helpful in answering specific concerns I listed and took extra time to show me how to drain my water heater and address a problem with one of my toilets.  Paul gave me several names of individuals/companies who could put in a sump pump for me. He also supplied me with the inspection report on site, an added bonus. O3/08

We found him to be very knowledgeable, and personable. An excellent inspector, we would recommend him to our family and friends. 01/08

The renter was still living in the house and was present during the inspection. Paul handled this very well. After performing the inspection, he immediately gave us a print out–with pictures and emailed the same report so I could make copies for my brother. Paul is also available to answer any questions we have as we study the report 10/07

Paul was absolutely incredible as an inspector and I am so, so thankful that we hired him. After purchasing 3 homes in 3 years, he is BY FAR the most thorough, competent, and friendly inspector we’ve used.

Paul was great took a lot of time to explain everything, and answered all our questions thoroughly. We found him to be very knowledgeable, and personable. An excellent inspector, we would recommend him to our family and friends.

Paul did an excellent job and was a terrific advocate for us. He made sure that the builder and subcontractors did not cut any corners in making the necessary correction with requests for more information. I would use him again and recommend him to anyone.

Setting up the appointment was quick and easy. Paul showed up a few minutes early with all his gear. We spent several minutes talking about concerns we had with the house and then Paul was off inspecting. Paul was very thorough and did not miss a thing, he even pointed out the wrong type of screws in the electrical panel. . His many years experience shows. I would rate the overall experience as EXCELLENT. Job well done Paul.

I own a house that I rent out. Every five years or so, I hire a professional house inspector to give me a complete home inspection. This year I contacted a large, franchised home inspection company first. I didn’t hire them because I didn’t like their totally scripted approach. They were asking me a lot of questions, not letting me ask the questions. I decided that what I needed was a real person with whom I could have a conversation about my house and the alternatives for fixing them. I found this, in spades, in Paul Frey of Oregon West Inspections.

He found several problems with our house and told us the problems that can occur if we did not have them corrected. He had examples of the same problems that other homes had and emailed us those examples. He emailed extra information regarding the proper sealing of the cultured stone in front of our house. He was very honest in his opinions, was personable, and friendly.  We would recommend him highly.

 He went over the entire report with particular emphasis on trouble areas, but didn’t just focus on the major issues. He allowed me to ask questions and answered them to my satisfaction. Upon completion he provided me with his business card and asked me to call if I had any questions. As a result of this inspection, the roof and electrical panel were replaced prior to me taking possession of the house. I appreciated his thorough job and will call him in the future if needed.

AAA! Our first new home in 32 years. Didn’t believe we needed an inspection for a new. Wrong. Paul was more than detailed on our behalf. I was very confident in his expertise and review.

I hired Paul twice. The price is very competitive! Paul was punctual both times. He is very, very complete in the inspection, taking notes and pictures the whole time. During and after the inspection, he discussed his findings, using pictures to further explain. The first time, he provided a summary of the report and followed with the complete report by email. The second time, I declined the summary (knowing I would get the full report soon) because he had already explained everything I needed. The first house I hired him for was a disaster, the second was almost perfect, but he was diligent in both. Great demeanor, funny and yet very professional. His office is very pleasant to work with too! It went very well.

Overall the inspection went fine. Paul was punctual and went right to work. He is knowledgeable and did a thorough job. He was able to compile a report when he was finished instead of my having to wait until later. He has the latest equipment, a computer with printer, and a digital camera that are right with him that he used for a professional, clear report of his findings. I was happiest with the fee he charged, only $375. The other company I used last time charged $500 and I had a long wait to get  the report.

 Paul was prompt, friendly, professional, knew his job well, and was extremely willing to answer questions, as well as being available for questions once we got the report.  His response time was excellent! We received our report the same day and thorough answers to a pile of email questions in less than 8 hours. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection.

 Paul has been doing inspections for many years. He is a wealth of knowledge about a wide array of problems and their solutions. Equally important, he communicates this information in a way that you can understand and then act on. He is patient with you as you struggle to understand things you previously knew nothing about. He’s also very honest and not afraid to disagree with a contractor about the best way to do something. This is very valuable if you’re remodeling (as I was). All this comes at a competitive price. I paid $370 for a full home inspection. Then I brought Paul back to comment on some construction (another $90). It was all money well spent. Whether you’re buying a new home, or repairing/remodeling an existing one, you can’t go wrong with Paul Frey.

Highly recommended. 

On March 13 2009, The New York Times published an article in “The Fix” in which Paul was interviewed for his home inspection expertise! 

In the September 2009, Portland Monthly/ Portland Spaces issue Paul was interviewed in an article highlighting advices from six professionals in the Portland housing industry.  See  the article at Portland Monthly Magazine Sept 2009

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